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  1. Hey thanks guys for your help! I can't seem to find the Evernote program file anywhere for some reason....but somehow I managed to first pin the shortcut to the Start menu, and from there I dragged the icon to the desktop. Seems to have worked =) But thanks anw again!
  2. Hi, I recently upraded to Windows 10 and later, updated the Evernote app (there was a prompt to update). Now I realise that the desktop shortcut for my Evernote program on my Windows desktop is gone and I have no idea how to get it back >< Could someone tell me where the actual program icon is located so I can find it and create a desktop shortcut from there? Evernote is already programmed to run on Windows startup - it's just that there is no desktop shortcut. I can see it in the Start menu when I search for it but in Windows 10, when you right click it there within the Start menu itself, there is no option to "Send to Desktop (Create shortcut)". So, I need to find the actual location of the Evernote program, I suspect, and try to create a shortcut from there...but have no idea where that could be =/ Or is there any option within the Evernote program itself to create a desktop shortcut??? Thanks in advance!
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