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  1. All the searches I have tried search all the notebooks -- not helpful for what I need. i want to search within a particular notebook -- is that possible. If so how? thank you
  2. What Evernote calls "Notebooks" seems to function like "folders" when using Windows File Explorer and what Evernote calls "Stacks" seems analogous to "nesting" Folders. However unlike Windows or even earlier, DOS, Evernote only allows one level of nesting aka stacking. When I complained about this earlier I was told that the major way to organize Evernote is via "tags" and yet as Evernote has evolved the tag function seems to have stagnated or even now has reduced functionality. 1) Tag access is located below notebooks access and the position cannot be moved. If tags where that important perhaps they should come first? Second, on recent versions of Windows Evernote access to tags is limited to a single column in contrast to earlier versions of Evernote when I could bring up a multi-columned page of tags. The single column makes it very hard to organize tags in a logical structure. So that even though Tags can have multiple nesting levels, it it hard to do this given the limited access to a large group of tags in the most current Evernote versions -- at least the windows versions. Finally I have no clue as to what the "HOME" toggle is good for. I have gone into it and except for the scratch pad it seems to have no useful information - yet it comes first and cannot be relocated to a more subservient position.
  3. So since my first e-mail I rebooted my computer and now the program boots up but now a have the dreaded white screen of now files. I was told in the past that it takes time for the files to download -- here it is five minutes and I am still waiting and waiting and waiting.
  4. This program is become less and less usable with every update. I don't know what was done but I can no longer boot up the program. Do I need to find another program or can you tell me how to make it work again. I cannot tell you the level of frustration this repeated problem is causing. I am using window 10.
  5. All of a sudden none of my evernote files would display. I rebooted, closed and reopened - nothing. blank pages. On one machine the files finally came back - unsure why. On my windows 10 machine I actually had to uninstall, download and reinstall the program -- what's happening? This is very irritating. No issues with the instance of evernote on my iphone.
  6. I am using a windows computer running Windows 10 at home and windows 7 at the office. Being able to rearrange the left panel might help some people with work flow allowing them to put "tags" at the top.
  7. I am using the windows version of evernote. The left panel on the homepage display contains the following items: +New note, all notes, Notebooks, tags, saved searches, trash. Can this order be changed -- if so how? What would work better for me would be to exchange the positions of Notebooks and Tags so that tags come first. Thank you. David Smith
  8. I must agree with those who find tags less than intuitive and that being able to have multiple levels of notebook nesting easier to use. The concept of multiple levels fits nicely with wide spread outline experience in which topics can be nested to multiple levels. I have also found the search function on everynote to be less than optimal. It brings up many items that are not at all relevant and frankly at times I can't understand why a particular note was "hit"
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