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  1. So, is Evernote going to answer the question? Or is it jut not useful any longer?
  2. There is only a partial tool bar....no photo etc ability. only five items, no ">" to show full tool bar. Cant get my moleskin folders, and NO ability to choose the photos in my old notebooks. What the #*$#$ just happened. This really upsets me.
  3. The upgrade is a down grade, I liked my little notebooks (and was shocked to see the moleskin gone). BUT the biggest problem is the tool bar is MISSING the ability to take PHOTOS or EVEN PUT THEM IN. The TOOL bar is MISSING the elements that show up in learning how to use it. WHERE are they. I cannot even use all the notes i had. REALLY upset (because I had not used it for a period of time, and when I found this....reallllly not happy).
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