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  1. Logging in and out is a PITA when you are just getting up from your computer and are going to be back in 10-15 minutes. Having a PIN that starts automatically after a set period of time give you protection over other people prying without you (or me) having to remember to log out and then log back in once I get back to my computer and deal with the waiting until it logs in, connects to the internet again, etc. This way if I share my computer I either know that enough time has passed or can quickly just hit some key combination (maybe?) to lock Evernote quickly. I do agree that this is much more prevalent on iOS, and funnily I am more likely to share my mac then my iPhone, so I do not use individual app pass codes on my iPhone but I really would like them on my computer for just these reasons.
  2. I am having similar problems with the web clipper. Nothing happens when I click on the elephant in Safari. Have not tried it in any other browser.
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