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  1. Thanks @Shane D.. I want a new journal note created each morning with a template that I fill in to complete my daily journal. I can use IFTTT to create the note each day, or I can have IFTTT send an email to do the same thing. In either case I would like the note created with the correct template. I can put a pseudo template in the body of the email or the IFTTT app, but you need to use HTML to format it, which will run over the 4K byte limit. Using a template would be the better way to go. 

  2. Thanks, yes I just checked and yes there is a new version. I will install and try it out. I also have seen the problem where my shortcuts don't bring up any matches unless I try 5+ times. I think all these problems have a root cause around all the threading and subprocesses they are using. There are probably race conditions or other issues in the inter-process communication that is causing all this. I think they chose a much too complicated programming model for their Windows desktop version, unfortunately.

  3. Well, I've found search to be one of the least intuitive and downright buggy things (depending on platform) about Evernote. Which is interesting since they tout it as a "put everything in here and never lose it!" app, Fortunately I don't have to use the search that often. Woe if I did.

  4. I have two notes tagged "Rick" in a notebook "Action Pending". When I go to that notebook and look for notes with tag Rick I find the two I have.


    When I enter a query or try to create a shortcut with the following, no notes show up:


    tag:Rick notebook:"Action Pending"


    What am I missing here?

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