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  1. I need to stop evernote from auto updating to a newer version. i need my notes to be black with colored text. dark mode is not good enough. i am constantly uninstalling the latest evernote version on my tablet, and reinstalling version 5.8 something minutes before a speaking engagement. i do not need the glowing white face from the white page of the tablet, and all my notes are color coded. i use html and black pages to accomplish this. but nothing above 5.8 will allow the black pages.
  2. i use my tablet as my notes for speaking. i use a black page with colored, colored highlighted texts, so i dont have a white glow on my face. i did this using an html email file, and made the background black. it cannot be done any other way. using dark mode greys out my color codes. any version past 5.8 on my android refuses to recognize my black background. i dont use evernote for anything else. none of the other features are important to me. i often have to uninstall, and reinstall on older version minutes before a speaking engagement. i want to stop my android from updating the versions
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