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  1. Hi If I want to share a note, a rare thing for me, I have an option to use Google contacts, but I want to use an Apple contact. Does anyone know how to do that? I'm a Premium User, Apple man and don't like Google (and all it's tracking etc)! TIA. Doug
  2. Dougies

    ANSWERED How do I highlight text?

    Thank you for that DTLow! I realised you have to select the text first and then tap this highlight button!
  3. Dougies

    ANSWERED How do I highlight text?

    Highlighting: Evernote Premium version: MacPro, very easy to do. PDF note. Select the note, highlight the text, right click, Format, Highlight and done! Neat and tidy! Even if you select a whole line, with non-printing space, it only highlights the text. iPad Pro: The highlight appears nicely but I can't find a way to highlight on the iPad Pro! The double exclamation marks did nothing, even on the MacPro. Frustrating as it would be very helpful to highlight on the iPad Pro!