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  1. Most helpful thanks, I'll have a look at this in more detail during the week.
  2. I'm aware of that. I bought it as the EN version. Fujitsu have not sent me a sticker to put on top of the 'Evernote edition' label on the scanner! 😉 All I"m doing is highlighting, it's not been as simple as it could be.
  3. ScanSnap for EN worked a breeze, no problems for me. I'm not scanning large quantities, just keeping some letters and important docs etc. SSHome is a real pain. I updated, back in Aug 19 and the 2nd document I scanned eventually materialised several weeks later in a folder on my Mac! I've scanned some other docs since then but today I had more to do, about 20 - 30 pages in several small bundles and 2 till receipts. The scans take several minutes before they show up in EN, aaaggghhh! The receipts have yet to appear and no, they're not in the ScanSnap Home folder, under Documents! SSH gets 2/10 from me, it's a pain and is a regressive step, IMHO!
  4. Hi If I want to share a note, a rare thing for me, I have an option to use Google contacts, but I want to use an Apple contact. Does anyone know how to do that? I'm a Premium User, Apple man and don't like Google (and all it's tracking etc)! TIA. Doug
  5. Thank you for that DTLow! I realised you have to select the text first and then tap this highlight button!
  6. Highlighting: Evernote Premium version: MacPro, very easy to do. PDF note. Select the note, highlight the text, right click, Format, Highlight and done! Neat and tidy! Even if you select a whole line, with non-printing space, it only highlights the text. iPad Pro: The highlight appears nicely but I can't find a way to highlight on the iPad Pro! The double exclamation marks did nothing, even on the MacPro. Frustrating as it would be very helpful to highlight on the iPad Pro!
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