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  1. thanks, Gazumped. While I've had a few emails sent on this topic too, these banners and fly-outs all appear to be within the desktop version of EN, the Android version of EN and the web-version itself. These intrusions don't work like a pop-up ad, so ad blockers don't seem to work. I suspect that this effort is to change the mind of people who downgraded their accounts after the price hike and they're trying to hang on to customers. Still, it's not the right way to go about it.
  2. Has anyone else downgraded to EN Basic had this experience? Evernote used to be one of my favourite applications ..... until recently that is. I wanted to support the business and development of EN and was a Premium account user for years until I downgraded from a Premium account to a basic account (I just couldn't justify the cost based on how much I actually used) this month and at first it gave me the usual, "are YOU SURE? Look at all the amazing features you'll lose." thing and I understood that... figuring this was a way to retain premium users. Well, it never stopped. E
  3. This app looks really promising and fills the gap that other apps leave on Android - I will probably try it out! As for focusing on "core application" -Evenote is missing a huge opportunity to expand template/app driven tie ins with it's core application.
  4. Would like more information on what you mean by using "tables" to replace Evernote food as a template? I'm interested in anything that helps! (so far I have only been able to use tables on Windows to create rows and columns in Evernote.. it hasn't seemed too useful but maybe I haven't figured it out yet.) I was very sad to use my Food app for the last time. It was so nice to see the locations and information in such a beautiful format. I hope Evernote decides to allow photo captioning or a similar template for general use. - I think note takers, foodies and others would make a lot
  5. Snapdish and other apps out there are geared towards sharing, liking recipes, etc. and there are tons of other similar apps and meal loggers that are geared towards dieting and inspiration and timeline sharing instead of capturing memories. am not interested in those apps so much; If I want to post pictures of food for social media I can just use Instagram, FB - etc. (there's also tons of food photo filters out there if that's something you like) But for me -- the whole point of Evernote Food was keeping memories (for me/not social) organized. On social media/other apps... it's jus
  6. I used Evernote Food on a trip last week and a few other apps to compare the usefulness/replace it as my food journalling app -- and the results were really sad and made me even more upset that Food is not supported and worse, will cease functioning. I can't believe that Evernote can't add some kind of foursquare integration/location ability to notes or a template to add photo captions. The most useful part of Evernote Food was in selecting nearby restaurants (and seeing related notes!) along with our pictures/journal of memorable meals. If they added this capability to the core Evernot
  7. Interesting about Spoontacular! There's a huge lot of restaurant apps (yelp, etc.) and recipe/meal planner apps galore but the ability to photo-journal food is something I'm not finding on the Android market. There are a few apps (Diaro and Flava for example) that allow for tagged entries, text information and multiple pictures (many only allow one photo) alongside a map (Google Places or Maps) location of your restaurant. But they're not ideal and don't really synch with Evernote. (within Diaro you can "share" with Evernote but the note just has text and large format pictures and Fl
  8. I agree with the others.. the list of apps suggested aren't useful because the core features of Evernote Food and why people used it was not because of the recipes (there's lots of apps to clip and save recipes) but because of the organisation, geolocation of restaurant info and photos. Evernote itself can tag location in photos but it doesn't it in a useful way and you can look for nearby restaurants, etc. Also, was "IF (IFTTT - if this then that)" included on the list because the word "recipe" was in the description? I can't think of how that app would be useful at all for the Ever
  9. The features we're losing after September 30th: Ability to edit existing Evernote Food notes within Evernote will go away. Notes will be uneditable.Geolocation/address and the graphic map information of restaurant does not appear in EvernoteNo more picking from nearby restaurants based on location information. These features end with Evernote Food.There will be no "food memories" template for captioned photos and meal memories in Evernote; you just have to create a regular note in the standard format (no more ability to easily add photos of food) Does anyone know of alternative apps? S
  10. This is really terrible! I'm really bummed out that they're getting rid of Evernote Food. Web clipping can obviously save recipes, but the whole point of Evernote food was to save (an an easy viewable template) restaurant location, food memories, pictures. --- Making a note in Evernote with some pictures of food and saving them to a notebook (or letting them get jumbled with other notes) is not ideal. The location, restaurant type, notes, tags and pictures displayed in Evernote Food is what made it so special. I always thought it would be great if Evernote created "Evernote Trips" to
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