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    18 minutes ago, CalS said:

    Yeah, native Windows EN print does not allow formatting of the PDF output either.  But if I print to Adobe or Nitro Pro printers I can set print preferences like scaling or fit to a page.  Who woulda thunk you couldn't create a target PDF printer on the Mac.  Sorry for the sideways repetitive trip.

    No worries, I wish the solution was easy.  The PC version has a whole panel to structure the columns and size of a "printed" note, not sure why it couldn't be simply brought to the Mac platform as well.  Not an urgent, make-or-break issue obviously, but over the many, many  years (seriously, this thread is ancient) I've been surprised that EN has never addressed it.  I've resorted to stitching screen grabs back together at times to accomplish this. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, CalS said:

    So PDF programs for the Mac don't have their own print preferences?  Even the free ones?

    There are many great PDF programs for a Mac, none of which Evernote for Mac interfaces with unfortunately (thus this thread).  Your options are to use the Print function to create one but you have no control over the formatting or margins that are created as has been gone over again in this thread.

  3. I just want to +1 the "sort differently for different notebooks" request — the Mac Finder does this to certain extent, remembering what view setting and order you have for different folders (and retaining them when you close and open)  and spotlight search does not short-circuit as a result.   At least give the user the option to work this way — I haven't been using Evernote as long as some people here, but a lot of it  sometimes feels like you're shackled into Evernote's Way a little too often.  

  4. Ahh, I think I might see what the original poster's issue might have been — you must be in the notebooks main panel in order to do this.  If you have notebooks expanded in the sidebar for instance, right/option clicking the notebook in a stack (or dragging and dropping it out of the stack) will not help remove it.  I almost always have my notebooks and stacks expanded in the sidebar so I bumped into this issue today too and found this forum.  Hope this helps somebody!

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