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  1. + 1 for me as well. Even if it's not a frequently used feature, it doesn't seem hard to implement and would save A LOT of time for users. I've had to resort to taking screenshots and 'taping' them back together in a document layout program to achieve what should just be a button click.
  2. I just want to +1 the "sort differently for different notebooks" request — the Mac Finder does this to certain extent, remembering what view setting and order you have for different folders (and retaining them when you close and open) and spotlight search does not short-circuit as a result. At least give the user the option to work this way — I haven't been using Evernote as long as some people here, but a lot of it sometimes feels like you're shackled into Evernote's Way a little too often.
  3. Ahh, I think I might see what the original poster's issue might have been — you must be in the notebooks main panel in order to do this. If you have notebooks expanded in the sidebar for instance, right/option clicking the notebook in a stack (or dragging and dropping it out of the stack) will not help remove it. I almost always have my notebooks and stacks expanded in the sidebar so I bumped into this issue today too and found this forum. Hope this helps somebody!
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