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  1. Yes, I have been having the same issue. Ditto.
  2. May I please add two feature / bahaviour requests? I'm not certain I've seen anyone else ask for this — my apologies if that's forgetfulness or poor searching on my part. 1. When I hit "return" at the end of the line with a check box, and I've chosen to "indent" (in the current editor, tab) the check boxes, make my next check box indented, too So that a tabbed-in list of check boxes looks like this: [ ] Box 1 [ ] Box 2 [ ] (cursor here after hitting return) And not like this: [ ] Box 1 [ ] Box 2 [ ] (cursor here after hitting return, requiring me to arrow over, tab in the checkbox, move the cursor right again, then start writing) 2. When creating an ordered list, allow me to manually add a space between list items while preserving numbers: So that an ordered list with spaces between items looks like this: 1. Item 2. Item 3. Item And not like this: 1. Item 1. Item 1. Item Thanks for any consideration you may be able to give this.
  3. Hi folks, I've had issues on two Macs (both running El Capitan) with colouring text. I can change one block of text to the desired colour (any colour), but I cannot apply that colour to a second block of text in the same note without first choosing a *second* colour, then choosing the desired colour. 1) Open colour picker ("web safe colors") 2) Select text 3) Click desired colour — colour of text changes 4) Select any other text block (word, paragraph, bullet — same behaviour) 5) Click the same colour as you clicked in "3" (above) — colour of text does not change. Then: 6) Choose a *different* colour to apply to the block that won't change colours in "5" — it changes colour 7) Leave your text highlighted and go back and click again on the colour from "3" (the desired colour) and the block *will* change colours. Thanks to everyone working on this project at Evernote for the uptick in communicativeness and for taking on the editor project.
  4. Hello, I have the same issue as @brooksy4503 (below), but with renaming Notebooks (not Tags) and without the "flash". Clicking the settings wheel, however, triggers the slide-down card from the top and allows me to rename. Otherwise: Thank you, Evernote folks, for being so helpful, honest and engaging as you address what was (for me) an issue that had me literally half-switched to OneNote for Mac and iOS despite its lack of tags, miserable clipper, poor email handling… With the progress you're outlining on the Editor, I expect to remain a happy 'Premium' customer.
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