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  1. Hello all, I discovered GTD but also TSW a month or so ago and now have 60 notes (for now) and I start to see some results in efficiency as well as in stress reduction for my project management work and personnal life/responsibilities. I just wanted to share with you my tags since they might give you ideas on how to arrange them. When I create a note I make sure I find tags starting with 1, 2 and 3 at least. Now looking for your feedback and ideas ! 1-What 10-Work project 11-House project 12-Career 13-Learning projects [...] 2-When 20-When meeting / Waiting on someone 21-!Daily 22-Now Important (asap) 22-Now (today) 22-Next (this week) 24-Later (this month) 25-Someday/Maybe 26-Free Time 29-Completed 3-Where 30-While waiting 31-Work 32-Home 33-Homework 34-Town (errands) 35-Clubs 4-Who person 1 person 2 5-Tool 51-call 52-email 53-meeting Any feedback ? I tried to take the best from your posts, but I happen to think it is just a bit too complex. I do not use the 5- tags very often so I might just delete them.
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