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  1. The Module "Moments" is a function like Facebook Timeline. We can share photos, videos, text, page web in this module. The chinese Evernote ( Yinxiang) has a official account in wechat ( just as Pages of Facebook). if you follow this account, you can save a page web from share menu through a button " Save to my evernote". the page web will be synchronized into chinese evernote. I hope Evernote has the same plugin for wechat.
  2. Hello, Evernote as we know has a special chinese version "Yinxiang". The chinese team developed a plugin evernote for wechat. It can quickly save the notes of "Moments" in Chinese Evernote. It's very userful. I hope Evernote has the same plugin for wechat, is there a chance? Thank you for listening.
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