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  1. Like everyone else, I too am having problems annotating, and it's gotten progressively worse. At first, the annotate tools were just fickle--meaning, if I wasn't able to type letters at first, I could usually get it work by toggling to another tool like Arrow, and then toggling back. And then that didn't even work... and then, I could only Annotate the first page... and now, nothing. I don't get any error messages or anything--it just doesn't let me interact with the page after I select a tool. Bummer.
  2. Hello. Since this is an old topic, it may already be solved for everyone involved, but since I ran into the problem today and found this thread, I'll post what I've discovered. It seems, at least in some cases, that if you have the "auto-filing" feature turned on in your Evernote preferences, it could override the "+" command. I learned this a few minutes ago when I tried tried testing the feature by creating a Test Note and forwarding a random work email with the same subject and "+." Except the random work email never appended, and never even appeared in my default notebook even though
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