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  1. Thanks for the tip, I was updating the iOS as you were replying. That seems to have done the trick (aside from one note that was showing that had been moved to a different Notebook!) . I will remember the revoke devices tip just in case.
  2. I tried a reinstall and it made no difference. I get timeouts on synching and can't see my notes. Reduced to using my Windows phone which works fine. The app worked fine as it was and now doesn't at all. *****.
  3. Brilliant - worked a treat (but remember to select the "title" one first!). Many thanks
  4. (My first post so apologies for any convention breaching) It appears that Web Clipper attaches to Notebooks. Is there any way of just clipping to individual notes within a notebook so that you only see the clip when you select that note? Thx
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