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  1. Ok... I've found a way but it's massively time consuming if you are dealing with large groupings of styles. Apparently, in the ENML (XML Formatting for Evernote Notes) you can add a style to an individual XML element. So, for instance, in my case I wanted to control my LISTS with a better style. Using the ENML Editor : http://enml-editor.ping13.net/ I opened my note in question and made my adjustments per this blog post: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php#styling This allowed me to do something like this... <ol style="list-style: decimal;"> <li> Job Responsibility / Project / Objective <ol> <li> Take personal responsibility for providing internal and external customers with the most cost efficient, prompt, and highest quality services possible. </li> <li> Feedback from customers, co-workers and observation. </li> </ol> </li> <li> <br /> <ol style="list-style: lower-alpha;"> <li> Take personal responsibility for seeking continuous improvements in departmental and City work efforts. </li> <li> Improve communication and transparency on projects. <ol style="list-style: lower-alpha;"> <li> For projects that I am involved, update the status on a weekly basis. </li> <li> Ensure every project that I am working on is documented and managed as a Project in Sharepoint. </li> </ol> </li> </ol> </li> <li> <br /> </li> </ol>And voila... obnoxious but it works. Next step is to figure out what tool will auto-create inline CSS styling and use THAT to create my lists. Then use the ENML Editor to add those chunks of HTML/CSS as needed. Hope that helps.
  2. Agreed. I can do this simple step in Slack and Trello. Why is evernote so slow to catch up? Evernote is the only one I am paying... frustrating.
  3. So if I was going to track an item that was categorized by both a set and an ID number what would be the best tagging system involved? Keep in mind that the same ID number can be used ONCE per set. So you could have an item with an ID of 03 but only once in a set... like in my example below. Example: Item ABC > Set 02 > ID 03 Item AFD > Set 05 > ID 09 Item DJR > Set 10 > ID 03 I'm currently tagging them with a tag like sot "ID 009" and "ID 010" and so on... but that doesn't "FEEL" right...
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