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  1. I am an avid user of both Evernote and IQTell. Receiving the news of the planned IQTell shutdown was quite the shock since I have been using it for almost 2 years and can't imagine not having it. I love IQTell's one-stop "command center" where I can handle all my email, manage my calendar, and follow David Allen's GTD structure, all within one location. As easily confessed by current users of IQTell, there is NOTHING out there that matches IQTell in its functionality and available customization. Since I am able to link Actions and Projects to my Evernote entries, I am able to keep a seamless integration with my favorite digital filing cabinet, EN. Between the "Clip to EN" option in Chrome and IQTell, I am able to get whatever I need added to EN done efficiently. I would HIGHLY recommend that Evernote consider some sort of relationship with IQTell to provide other EN users this great tool that I have appreciated these past two years. As some have mentioned in this forum, the customization and interface of IQTell can seem a bit overwhelming for some people. I believe that the EN team may be able to help with this to make IQTell more appealing to a wider spectrum of users (though I personally enjoy what we currently have). Oh, and let me also add that the mobile app has been a joy to use. I especially enjoy the EZ Inbox where I can handle all my incoming emails on my smartphone. I would hate to see IQTell completely shutdown. i also would hate to see EN miss out on a worthwhile addition to the EN family.
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