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  1. I am having the same issue. There is no longer an option to annotate pdfs on the web app or on Windows 10 desktop, although all the Evernote documentation says that, as a premium user, I should have this ability. I wonder if the Windows desktop version hasn't been fully updated for Windows 10 users?
  2. I would like to add my voice of support for IQTell. Simply put, it is excellent, well-made, and the kind of thinking we need in productivity software. Above, Troy wrote, "Every other product I've used for email triage and project management has a paradigm that it imposes on you. While IQTell is a great solution for GTD, neither it nor other paradigms are imposed. You can use it out of the box or craft your own unique workflow." This, I suspect, is why so many of us who have found IQTell love it so much. It flexes with the way we think, rather than asking us to bend our thinking to fit the program. This, if I do say, is genius. It is worth the 15 minutes of youtube watching to learn how to customize and set things up as you want. I would probably not be an Evernote user if I did not use IQTell. I don't know enough about business or partnerships to know whether a buyout or whatever would be good for anyone. I do know, however, that I am here on this forum for the first time (after many years of using Evernote) to do the tiny bit I can to support IQTell, because IQTell is amazing.
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