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  1. This is exactly what I need, too. I clean my Inbox mostly on my android tablet (comfy and not at my desk). The fact that the multi selection disables itself when a notebook or tag is assigned to eats up much time. I have to activate all the multi selection again in order to add also a notebook or tag.
  2. I couldn't survive without my Evernote Premium and my IQtell subscription. They both are essential to me private and in business. For me the two aren't just apps - together they are the Solution! Too bad that I found IQtell not earlier and had to struggle to get things done for a bit longer. I became only aware of it because I was desperate and thought looking in the Apps Center on the Evernote homepage. All those years searching and I never came across IQtell in my extensive search. Bad marketing indeed. When I heard about the shutdown of IQtell I immediately started (again) searching and testing other options, but there is none! And after the last and so hopeful status update I stopped this frustrating process - for now. In additon to ximaga's feature list here is what features I additionally appreaciate the most and are not often mentioned: - calendar (not just due-date, you can add a start- and end-date plus, and this is the killer feature for me, you can even add the address! Great when Google Now reminds you when you need to leave for your appointment) - contacts (keeping your contacts in IQtell up to date is a breeze, of course you can link them like everything else to what ever you want. Great is the promt for contact feature!) - search (you love the power of Evernote's search? Imagine IQtell does the same, but not only your notes, your search can include everything like email, contacts, actions, etc!) Evernote should really concider in at least partnering with IQtell in some way. They fit together perfectly. For me Evernote is intelligent storage and IQtell is the brain for processing.
  3. For me what you refer as a two tagging-system is a one tagging-system. I love that IQtell integrates and synchs all my Evernote tags, this way I have no two tagging systems! But I think it depends on how you generally use tags.
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