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  1. I'm an IQTell user since the beta days and its loss would cause great agony. I've also been an Evernote Premium user for several years and I agree with the other posters that they make a dynamite combination. I'm not as convinced as others that merging the products is such a good idea. The ecosystems of these two products are quite different and reconciling them in a joint product could damage functionality. Simplicity/learning curve To some extent simple products do simple things, it takes complex products to do complex things. We currently live in a world of apps, simple little bits of software that do simple things and have little to no learning curve. Every IQTell user has battle stories about the handful of apps they used to try to co-mingle to try to achieve a small part of what IQTell can with a fairly modest investment in learning, setup and planning. To be completely frank, IQTell is not even really that complex, it is however customizable and powerful. Every other product I've used for email triage and project management has a paradigm that it imposes on you. While IQTell is a great solution for GTD, neither it nor other paradigms are imposed. You can use it out of the box or craft your own unique workflow. They have also done a great job with instructional materials, knowledge base and forums. IQTell's current problem There have been some hints in IQTell's correspondence (and I think some spot on speculation) about where the really problems are. It seems that there are two primary things that IQTell needs at the moment, and oddly enough it doesn't sound like money is one of them. (Although it is probably lurking around somewhere in the background, it always is). Growth in user base (I know that is money to some extent). IQTell's current user base is fiercely loyal and mostly willing to pay much more for the product. The last update from IQTell's owner indicates that increased exposure and legitimacy is a current pain point. He also hinted that there are a number of things that could help: allying with a prominent VC, engaging in a strategic partnership or endorsement, and perhaps a full on buy out. The other issue facing IQTell is a current shortage of skilled staff (likely programmers) which could also be alleviated with an increase in prestige and exposure.Evernote is a natural place to look for some of this endorsement or even a whole-sale buyout, although I've made my personal preference known above a buyout would be preferable to losing IQTell completely. IQTell has been tightly coupled with Evernote for quite sometime and I would venture to say that most IQTell users rely heavily on both products. IQTell's owner also indicated in one of his recent updates that he has had a tough time getting EN to "look" at IQTell. I'll add my name to the other posters in asking EN to please take that look, IQTell is a unique and excellent product. Troy
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