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  1. Wh Is that supposed to be joke? IQTell will shutdown all its services at 5:00 pm Eastern U.S. time on September 16, 2015 While this is tentatively true as you can see from the update above, the owners of IQTELL are pursuing third parties to purchase the platform and keep it going. I am confident that it will continue. Just read the IQTELL forums to see the strong support
  2. EMPLOYEE ranjflam (Company Admin) 4 hours ago Update Based on the huge support and responses we received on this forum, we are in the process of pursuing all options for continuation! Renowned VC option - These efforts includes getting a renowned VC to make an investment, not so much for the actual funding part (our current funding is still there), but more so, providing IQTell the recognition and the vote of confidence from a well-known investment firm. In which case, we would move our offices to a more prominent location and overall, will have it much easier hiring new talent, which is mostly where we're currently hurting! Evernote Yes, indeed, my vision all along, ever since I became aware of Evernote several years ago, I’ve been 100% confident that a combined EN-IQ solution would be the heaven on earth for all users who care to be organized, productive and get things done. This would be a great offering to the Productivity world, both for the Evernote users, IQTell users, as well as the rest of the worldwide users seeking the perfect productivity solution! Evernote and IQTell - Augmenting Evernote offerings with those of IQTell offers would mean embedding task-project management with integrated email client, calendar and contacts functionality within Evernote would result in a most effective all-in-one solution. A perfect option for many-many Evernote users and all existing IQTell users. Current status? Ever since I participated in the Evernote user conference EC3 in September of 2013, I have been trying to approach Phil Libin, then CEO of Evernote, as well as his executive team. I received no response even though I emphasized the benefits such a combination would offer to all users. Increase Evernote’s paid subscriptions - Throughout my correspondence with Evernote, I expressed my confidence that a holistic productivity solution will substantially increase the number of paying users. New Evernote’s CEO - Thanks to one of IQTell’s most active users, we were able to just recently renew our correspondence with Evernote, this time with theirnew CEO, Chris O’Neil who came over from Google. Hope to hear from Chris and his team, even if for the purpose of entering some initial discussions. Yes, you can help! - Write Evernote. You may also discuss your needs on theirDiscussions forum. Express whatever you desire to accomplish with Evernote and IQTell. This may indeed help! All options are still on the table! Depending on the outcome of the next days, we may also consider delaying the scheduled shutdown. As always, we all appreciate your loyalty! Thank you all.
  3. IQTELL! This is the best productivity app out there. It integrates with EN in every way that you want. I guarantee that you will find it suits your needs and that it is perfect. Check it out at www.iqtell.com. You will not be disappointed.
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