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  1. I have copied the Evernote startup shortcut to my Quick Toolbar. After every update this is broken. This is because you have some strange link set up there (EverNoteShortcut.png). Why not make it a straightforward link to the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" executable (MyShortcut.png)? (Which I have now done of course)
  2. It's probably a certificate issue under FireFox. See https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88281-pictures-in-forum-post-disappeared
  3. Ah, I notice what is going on - an exclamation mark in the FireFox address bar: It's Firefox blocking the content. The warning says: either it's mixed mode content or the encryption is not strong enough. The links were http: and the forum is https: which originally made me suspect that it was mixed mode content blocking. However: - that has been present since version 23 and I wrote the question using version 39 or 40. - If I go into BBCode edit mode I can change the the Imgur links from http to https, but nothing changes. - Changing "security.mixed_content.block_active_content" to "false" in about:config (and restarting) does not work either (something I'm not actually comfortable with, so I'm setting it back now). I can see the pictures perfectly fine on imgur itself, and it now turns out that I can see them in Internet Explorer as well. That leaves the "encryption not strong enough" option. Indeed, FireFox has become much stricter in recent versions. Looking at the certificate I see encryption method PKCS #1 SHA-256 with RSA-encryption, but I can not find any information about what certificates FF started blocking recently (i.e. what the current requirements are). (Additional note) I have also followed most tips in this post regarding SSL and TLS , but without success.
  4. My post https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87844-change-the-behavior-of-the-top-tagging-icon/ on this forum had 4 pictures. I come back several weeks latyer and they are gone? I'm trying to reload one from imgur into this post again and it also does not work URL is https://i.imgur.com/xYR7Zpa.png
  5. Thanks, I did not know that one. My request stays however. (And now I wonder where all my carefully crafted pictures in my post have gone....)
  6. The tagging icon at the top of the editor shows some weird behavior when I reduce the window width. Situation 1, wide enough: Situation 2 Now reduce the window width a little: Request 1: Show the text as far as possible, just cut if off Serious request 2: The icon and label no longer listen to a mouse click. Horrible. Fix this. Situation 3: Reduce window size further. The icon disappears. [img=https://i.imgur.com/KBlCOev.png Request 3: Keep the icon in view. Since from this moment on decreasing the window width eventually keeps only the note editor in view, you can add 20 pixels to the minimum width and keep the icon (which of course only makes sense if you implement request 2): With the current behavior I have to keep the window (too) wide open to be able to use tags. Also, the icon 'miraculously' dissappears if you make the window too narrow (which triggered this investigation in the first place). Am I missing a shortcut to add a tag? It is not in the shortcut tips you distribute (Ctrl-Shift-T is there, but that is for creating a tag, which will happens far less frequent.). [Edited 28 Aug 2015] I just find out that Situation 2 is worse: Even if you have enough space, the moment you add a tag, the remaining space is no longer enough:
  7. In a new notebook, in fragment view, a right mouse click in the empty area does not bring up the popup menu as it does in a notebook containing notes (also when clicking in the empty area, not on a note). This is probably an artifact of the design decision that the right mouse click applies to the selected note. But it is very confusing (for new users). Please fix this. Either do not respond to a right mouse click in an empty area at all, or have the menu *always* pop up and gray out the irrelevant menu items (because some menu options do not apply for an empty notebook). The first solution is probably the most intuitive and easiest it implement. Such a modification also clearly signals that the right mouse click applies to the clicked-on note, and not to the note "that happens to be the selected one even if I do not click on it".
  8. I'm just starting with Evernote and bump into the drag-and-drop behaviour of notebooks that is both counter-intuitive and counter-what-everybody-else does in tree structures (of course these are related): Starting sitation: - Notebook 1 - Notebook 2 Now drag Notebook 2 onto 1. Expected result: - Notebook 1 ----- Notebook 2 Instead I get some weird third notebook and have to rename eveything: - Extra notebook 3 ----- Notebook 2 ----- Notebook 1 Please change this and do it like everybody else. (Yes, I have seen the menu item 'Add to stack)'. Still. Added: Sorry, wrong forum folder, should be in Clients/Windows. I see no way to delete or move this post.
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