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  1. This update seems to have fixed it for me as well. Thanks for getting this working.
  2. That's the reboot process we've all been talking about. Fixes it for awhile, but not for good.
  3. Mark me down as another 6+ user who signed up for premium account for this feature, but can't use it. For me it is not only business cards, but any document that I use camera to scan causes it to crash. Scannable is just as wonky. I have 85.7GB free on my phone and am not experiencing any flakey behavior in any other apps other than Evernote and Scannable. I have tried closing all other open apps - that doesn't help. The only that does help is the rebooting, but that only gets me a couple of scans before we right back where we started, and isn't worth the hassle. I appreciate that this is on the radar for your team, but is it a priority? I've seen similar posts going all the way back to when the iPhone 6+ first came out just about a year ago.
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