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  1. I have a tag named "ebooks". I'd like to be able to have offline access to this since sometimes I'm in places with no internet connection. I already have my own organizational system setup, so it would really help if there was a way to do this. Help?
  2. How can I search a note based on URL using the universal search bar? The one that requires operators like: I'm trying to search for a note I clipped from Godaddy.com Couldn't find it in help and learning portion of the site. Thank you!
  3. Yes, fixes over new features I think should be first. I know this client software that's always releasing new updates and it's annoying because my clients get to see stuff that's not supposed to happen. makes me look less professional.
  4. Seems like a lot of work but thanks for pointing this out. lol
  5. First off, I keep trying to create a support ticket but every time I try to Evernote logs me off. I use chrome and even tried Edge for goodness sake. Second, I can't seem to search text on screenshots. I took a screenshot of my online book but I can't search for it. I'm using the windows app. I also optimized my database by pressing and holding CTRL and clicking on Help > Optimize Database but it hasn't worked. I even waited 5 days but it's still not working. What's up Evernote??? 2019-02-10_17-13-07.mp4
  6. I would love to be able to use emojis on the Desktop version. It seems to be something that's trending recently. I use a lot of emojis to keep myself from getting bored when reading. Here is an example: This is a screenshot from another tool called Notion. Sure, I can use emojis on my phone. But for desktop or web version? I would love to see this feature.
  7. I guess that's the name of the notebook? Admin? Do you also have a table of contents note?
  8. I realize that I'm one of the few who don't rely too much on tags but rather stacks. Good to know! Can you list some examples of tags you use?
  9. I'd like to see how other people organize their stacks. I'm trying to reorganize my Evernote and am looking for ideas. Here is an inside scope of an ADD mind. How do you organize your stacks?
  10. @DTLow I was thinking maybe automatically putting it into the presentation mode. I have reports that I need to write up for clients and thought it would be nice if Evernote had this feature, so I won't need to use PPT anymore to present my notes. Thanks though!
  11. I remember seeing one of templates on the evernote website as a presentation. I need to send my client information on a note but I'd love for them to see it as a presentation.
  12. I haven't had any luck opening the files as an html file on google drive. My school gives me basically unlimited storage on gdrive, 1 TB for One drive, and none for dropbox. lol
  13. What is the cloud drive you are using? Do you think that if I upload it to my server, unpack it, it'll be good to go? I'm trying to make the notes the same as the original as I have a lot of pictures in each note.
  14. I have some notebooks that I'm going to export because I no longer need them anymore. I'd like to be able to access them online. I have a VPS hosting account on GoDaddy. I know how to install WordPress on my directory but I don't know how HTML websites work for this case. Do you think that exporting some of my notebooks as HTML and upload it on one of my directories would let me see it online? I understand that i would need to create a domain/subdomain, and all that.
  15. Is this even possible? I only found out about this feature a month ago on the desktop! I was so excited about it!
  16. @DTLow Total Newb, here. Mind telling me more about these scripting tools? You mentioned it on a previous thread awhile ago.
  17. Hey, all. I too, continue to have this problem. Support is trying to figure out the problem too. It took the support team a while to get back to me just to say that they're still figuring it out. In the meantime, I recommend: Right-click > Evernote Web Clipper > your option
  18. @DTLow Yes, from operating system it is possible. They are receipts, so I would rename them to: Costco 1 Costco 2 Costco n Walmart 1 Walmart 2 Walmart n My scanner comes with a feature where I can set jobs. Basically, I have a job set where I can just press the scan button and it immediately syncs all my files scanned to Evernote.
  19. Is there a way to bulk edit all note titles? I scan all my notes and it imports it from another program.
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