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  1. Yes, the problem has been solved as well for me. Thanks a ton!
  2. @Matt W.Yes, it doesn't seem to be compatible with my device as well.
  3. Evernote 7.9.3 Android 4.4.4 running ColorOS V2.1.0i (my phone is a Oppo R7) I use the current version of Google Keyboard (Version 23502515) Thank you for looking into this!
  4. Hi there, Since the new update, i can't delete text anymore. Writing works fine as ever, but backspace just doesn't delete any characters anymore. In fact it does nothing at all. It's definitely an evernote issue, since i can delete text without problems in other apps. I've done a bit of research and other people seem to have that problem as well. Is there / will there be a fix for it soon?
  5. Yes, my local grocery store also has such an app. However, it's very time consuming to go trough all the articles and put them together in a shopping list. also, i'd have to do it again every time i go buy something. I also used Wunderlist for some time. However, it's just not possible to manage more complicated things with it. Now i'm only using evernote. I'm really looking forward to this feature. It would be of great value to me.
  6. I had an amazingly simple idea on how to manage recipes with evernote. What's wrong now? Well if you have more than one recipe in a notebook, you have to go through every single note to find out whether you need a certain ingredient and how much of it. But evernote is so close to being the perfect tool to manage recipes! All it needs is to have a small option to conglomerate list items automatically. And this is exactly what I'm proposing! So how would this play out? Copy recipe down into new evernote file (preferably on computer). Select ingredients and hit new list Option "Shopping List" - or something like that. On your smartphone, navigate to your recipe notebook. Then hit the bottom right corner and go into display settings for the notebook. There will be a new option besides "Snippets" and "Cards", which is "Shopping List". Hit it. What's happening now? Let's look behind closed doors: As soon as you choose this option, Evernote goes through every note in the notebook and looks for items that have been declared as "Shopping-List" items. It then tries to detect items that correspond to the same ingredient and lists them together. So suppose you need garlic in three of your recipes. After hitting the "Shopping-List" display option for the notebook, you get a list in which all three list items containing the word "garlic" are displayed after one another. ADDITIONAL REQUEST 1: Put checkboxes in front of each of the conglomerated items. You can then check off the items you've already bought. ADDITIONAL REQUEST 2: Allow for a master list which Evernote uses do determine the order in which the ingredients are listed. This way, you dont have to run back to get apples after you've already passed toilet papers in a shop. You know what I mean? So how do you like it? I can already imagine other possibilities with this option. But shopping lists are HUGE! It would make my life so much easier.
  7. this is a suggestion. i don't know where else i should post this :X what i like about evernote is the speed with which you can take notes. but it so happens that it's actually slower on computers than on smartphones. the smartphone app (iphone version) neatly integrates with the os and provides quick options in the slide down menu, where you can start to take notes or set reminders right away. the convenience of this is unmatched. can you do the same on a windows pcs? for example, windows media player has shortcuts in the taskbar to play or stop a video. http://i.stack.imgur.com/Cq4CL.jpg would it be possible to substitute those with options for taking notes and setting reminders for evernote? if not, i'd still appreciate it if the same shortcut buttons that show on the iphone would also turn up in the title bar of the evernote desktop version, so i could have the same experience on the computer as on the smartphone. i don't use the other buttons (like the activity or chat button) anyway, and if i did it would certainly not be as often as the buttons for taking new notes. but that's just my suggestion drawn from my own experience. i really like evernote (that's why i'm using it) and i care to make it even better
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