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  1. Yes, the problem has been solved as well for me. Thanks a ton!
  2. @Matt W.Yes, it doesn't seem to be compatible with my device as well.
  3. Evernote 7.9.3 Android 4.4.4 running ColorOS V2.1.0i (my phone is a Oppo R7) I use the current version of Google Keyboard (Version 23502515) Thank you for looking into this!
  4. Hi there, Since the new update, i can't delete text anymore. Writing works fine as ever, but backspace just doesn't delete any characters anymore. In fact it does nothing at all. It's definitely an evernote issue, since i can delete text without problems in other apps. I've done a bit of research and other people seem to have that problem as well. Is there / will there be a fix for it soon?
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