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  1. 3 months ago I lost all my local notes and notebooks thanks to a database crash. Today, again, it froze, is unresponsive to retrieve data from notes already in the computer. Since this is not synced data, but located in my computer, it's a shame to have these problems again. I'm tired of rebuilding my database every three months due to database crashes. I'm a Premium user and my notebook is a Macbook pro running El Capitan. I have restarted the whole computer three times now, it seems I'll have to format it again to recover my notes.
  2. I was making some additions to an old note on my Mac with El Capitan when my computer crashed. When I turned it back on, a dialog box appeared saying that the Evernote database was missing. I went into Time Machine to look for an earlier version of the database file, but I can't find the directory in which it's located. Since most of my notes are local, restoring everything manually is a chore. I tried the option-about evernote, but all I get are the credits. Time machine can restore the file easily, I've done it hundreds of times, but, where are the files??? Again, Evernote, why won't you let
  3. Mac. Something is dead wrong here. We've already spoken about this, opening a help ticket didn't help, I never got an answer more than a week ago. Only on Twitter, that they were going to inform tech about this. Until last Friday (day of Premium expiration) it worked without issues.
  4. Hi! I recently went back to basic and I can no longer copy and paste a synced screenshot to a local synced note. I've done it for years, but now on basic again it simply stopped working. I have enough data, the destination folder is local, but it won't paste. A few days ago a dialog box appeared saying that that action would deplete my data, I cliked ok, the data didn't get depleted and I still can't save the clipping to the local data. Please help. This is the MOST BASIC action for anyone using Evernote. It won't even copy and paste between local notebooks, you can't move ANYTHING from a loca
  5. WE SEE THIS OCASSIONALLY. No, I've never seen this, and I've been using Evernote since 2011. This is Evernote limiting feature and you're an Evernote paid employee. You're not worth anything you say. On top of being EXPENSIVE we're being held hostage. I'm leaving and downvoting on Evernote on every app download. Go read people's complaints there. You'll be shocked at how badly it works for so many people.
  6. Back a full year ago, with my new mac, I synced my notes and lost almost everything. Having no history and not knowing about local folders it took me a long time to get my notes back. Evernote kindly gave me a Premium account which I used mostly for screen captures, well below the alloted limits. I decided when the Premium account expired to go back to Basic because I used so little of the data and being so expensive the Plus for me. For starters, I get reminders every hour to go back to Premium. Then, today, going for a capture I get a box saying "Cannot Reach Evernote service. You're offline
  7. Data loss is ok with you? I've had Dropbox for 7 years with no data loss WHATSOEVER. And it's a free app, working seamlessly in the background. As a matter of fact, none of my systems EVER had data loss. The thought of it defeats the whole purpose of cloud storage. And the fact that you speak about data loss so convinced has me really baffled. Everyone can suffer from a spotty data connection, servers might go down, but data storage due to redundant RAID systems is extremely rare. Evernote is a cloud storage system just like any other. Dropbox keeps photos, Evernote documents. Backing up
  8. I've been respectful since day one, even in the despair of losing my notes, I was treated short of moronic and careless. The parity is 15 pesos=1 dollar. But, let's put it this way. Evernote is nowadays the least cost effective cloud service. iCloud costs 2,99 for 200 GB https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201238 Dropbox is 8,25 for 1TB https://www.dropbox.com/business/plans-comparison Google Drive is 1,99 for 100 GB https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2375123?hl=es The catch? The Evernote editor. But still, 3.99 for 1GB is a lot compared to other systems. And n
  9. Any good program would normally save the content automatically to a local storage. Evernote relies on the cloud, so leaves no traces until you MANUALLY back up. AND, until not long ago, you couldn't do local notebooks, so if your notebooks came from a while back (I've been a user since 2011, paying user since 2014) you simply couldn't. I tried. I scouted every possibility to back up or have a hard copy on my notebook. The only way was sending to yourself by email. Certainly that changed, but nothing on the notes was said. And the data loss shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  10. The only time I ever lost anything to the cloud is here. My Dropbox is 10 years old, and my Drive 6. Both hold my ebook and complete phone photo library. None was lost. EVER. As for hard drive failure, get your own WD Personal Cloud and your days of losing data are over. Spotty connections, connecting in another country, nothing ever really hit me until this happened. Don't worry, I hold no more sync notes again.
  11. And it goes on. When you reply to someone that has lost important things as many of you have replied to me it's a waste of time. Yours and mine, of course. And when I see everyone that "Evernote is going to reimburse those that lost data on Sept 29" but I'm BEING CHARGED after the worst weekend of my last year, I wonder, what would you do if you were in my shoes. Give me lectures about nonexistant backups. Thank you very much.
  12. No, but most of you answer things that YOU think are correct and to the person that asks makes no difference. You think that because it didn't happen to you the other person is unfit or moronic (why not say it!). So the problem here is not the program, but the "evernote gurus" giving wrong advice.
  14. This is the most unhelpful forum ever, and Gurus, go somewhere else. You treat people so badly, with such condesendence that really, you should be ASHAMED of the answers.
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