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  1. The "clean" look on the web simply ruined my TSW workflow. I had to switch back to the old version of EN on the web. They should give a choice to users. Give me the option to add the left sidebar at least. I need to be able to drag and drop tags, notes, notebooks at will.
  2. I find that I actually like Onenote MUCH more. However, the Onenote mobile app(s) need a serious UI makeover. Trying to move the same desktop look to the iPhone just doesn't work well. I like EN's UI much better on mobile and that's why I stick with it, as there were I spend most of my time.
  3. You, sir, are an asset. On my XPS 13, Evernote looks horrid. I'll try this when I get back to my laptop. I need to do this on a couple of other apps as well.
  4. The paid plans offer more storage. EN Plus offers 1GB/month for only $3/month or $25/yr. See Comparison of EN Account Types What versions of OS and Evernote are you running? Copy/paste of a Word table into EN Note is working for me in EN Mac 6.0.11+ I'm using the latest versions of all platforms and EN. I'll try this on my Mac at home, because it sure as heck doesn't work on my work Windows PC via web. I ran out of space by adding 40 notes (web clips mostly and a few pdf's) so my 60mb went pretty fast. Still have 23 days left. LOL. Evernote Help on Twitter granted me a week of Premium so at can least fully eval the product before giving up $25/ year. Like I said, I don't see how 60MB is enough to get acquainted with the product.
  5. Good work around. I'd like to continuously update update these tables though. This would work for some other stuff. I remember a blog post from the CEO, in response to a rant from a blogger about its software being buggy, that they were going to improve the core functionality of the app. That was over a year ago. I see they have yet to make good on that promise.
  6. Picked up EN again (blank) and starting to put stuff in there. I've been a "member" since 2012. First off, 60MB is still NOT enough and should have been raised by now. Anyways, once reason I left EN and never bothered to pay for it was because the formatting in this thing is terrible. Tried to copy a simple Excel table into EN and all formatting is lost and becomes a complete mess. Tried to copy the table from Excel to Word, then to EN and same effect. Don't get me started on bullet lists. How are you going to make a notes app and can't get formatting properly? Yet, every other moment, EN is asking for me to pay for it? It's too bad Onenote looks terrible on mobile (that desktop look doesn't fit phones and tablets too well). I wish EN engineers would stop making the platform available for every platform and work on fixing long standing issues. It's a shame this app hasn't improved in the basic tasks in the last 3 years. The new web app looks pretty though.
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