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  1. I also tried it without any other addons enabled and it still keeps trying to clip a completely different tab.
  2. Windows 10 x64, Chrome 45.0.2454.37 beta-m (64-bit) (same issues with latest stable Chrome as well), Clipper 6.6 (c6a3ad5/
  3. Almost every time I use Clipper, something strange happens. I've found that it often switches tabs and clips something completely different than I want it to. The clipping preview is almost always just a blank white space. It often will not detect a YouTube video correctly and tries to clip the comments instead. I've also noticed that it tends to causes webpages to "break" where I cannot click any links on it after clipping. I've had even more issues but I can't think of them off the top of my head. Is this just me or is it broken? If it's just me, how can I fix it?
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