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  1. I switched to OneNote a couple of months ago and have been using it quite a bit. MUCH BETTER than Evernote.
  2. I just downloaded Evernote2OneNote from SourceForge. This app is Excellent. Export in EN to .Enex and then Import your .enex file. Really easy and so far it looks like I won't have to do any kind of clean up in OneNote.
  3. ... now all I need to do is figure out how to get my notes over....
  4. When I switched to EN from ONeNote, one of my hesitancies was the clean look of OneNote. I found EN interface appearance to be busy. Looking at OneNote again, I'm going back. I am a big MS user (Outlook, Word, Publisher, Excel etc) and I'm going back to OneNote for good. I've watched videos on the comparisons and poked around the 2 side by side and OneNote is overall, more appealing. One of the things that someone told me, although I haven't confirmed this, is that if you aren't connected to WIFI or data on your phone, you can't see your notes in EN whereas OneNote you can. Again, a good friend of mine who is a huge Apple fan, loves OneNote and... she has a great love for her MS Surface for work. Ironically enough... I'm typing this on my MS Surface. Decision made... switching back to OneNote.
  5. I didn't when you asked the question but now I do... no, it does't seem to be adjustable however, I couple of things I am noticing on that front... Looking at them side by side on the same monitor, the OneNote font is a bit bigger but more surprising the font is much crisper. It looks like the one note font and all the text seems fuzzy. That might be a big part of the problem. It's like my eyes aren't completely focused.
  6. I just upgraded my office PC's and my MAC user friends are raving about OneNote. Interestly enough I switched from OneNote a couple or years ago and came to this forum discussion because I'm frustrated that I can't increase the programs font size. With my recent subscription to Office 365, I guess I'm looking at OneNote again and quite possibly ditching EverNote.... I'm amazed that EverNote hasn't given a response to this request that so many people are making, particularly iOS users.
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