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  1. I have installed Evernote addin app via my Business Office 365 account on web. It shows up in Outlook messages and ONLY captures the subject headline of the email - there is NO CONTENT captured from Outlook for Mac to Evernote. Any update pls?
  2. I don't know what to say about this other than - it's a hideous interface to work with
  3. One was thinking about 'adopting' this programme but since it looks like its from the eighties and has grey icons for notebooks on grey background - kinda makes me wonder - why on earth would any developer makes such a hideous GUI? Some of us require a modicum of decent look/feel to programmes we use ;-)
  4. Wallpaper - hmmmm - sideshow - at best How about real useful feature enhancement such as ability to change those darned grey notebook icons to at least different colours or images - grey notebooks on a grey background - It does not get much more design hideous than that. Please for the love of god do sonething about this so I can pay for your service as until you do I have to stick with another product :-( Frustrating - much!
  5. The poster of this thread is far too patient and frankly polite - I would not purchase Evernote (or use it) it its current hideous form . . . grey notebooks on grey background - are you trying to make it difficult to view - if so - bravo! job done. This reminds me of freeware from the eighties!! Stylewise - its hideous. Functionality - excellent and then some.
  6. I am hoping (but not too hopeful) that it is possible to change colours of notebooks - having all grey notebooks on a grey background is about as poor a user interface that anybody can think of. Its such a basic thing that I cannot believe it does not exist. Ill be moving on shortly as I need a progromme that works over the cloud that not only has great functionality (which Evernote has) but has a mind to think about the GUI. Seriously Evernote - what were you thinking?
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