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  1. Agree. I currently use the duplicate note method instead of templates and it works ok. I'd love a way to do it with fewer clicks or using keyboard only. I'd like to see both note name and tags saved with the template, and a keyboard shortcut available to apply a template to a note.
  2. EDIT: The problem is resolved after I tried the Tools -> Clear Cache function. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, Love this project, thanks for all the work on getting encryption integrated with Evernote! Very useful! Do you have bug reporting system? I've installed Saferoom 1.2 on Windows 8. I found it was working working with the default notebook settings but I'm having an issue after I changed the default notebook names. I changed the Encrypt From and Encrypt To notebooks names: Encrypt From: Saferoom_Encrypt Encrypt To: Saferoom_Encrypted When I click 'Encrypt', the log shows a successful encryption but the encrypted files do not appear in the 'Saferoom_Encrypted' notebook. Thanks!
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