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  1. Hello. I've noticed some problems with navigation in the Windows version. 1. Navigation with Notebook links Following links to notes and then using the navigation buttons does not work For example, I select a bunch of new notes and create a Table Of Content (TOC). Click the first note, go back, click the second note, go back. Boom. I am not in TOC. 2. Navigation in Presentation mode a: Between multiple notes Creating this TOC came about as a workaround for loosing navigation between notes in presentation-mode. Typically I would have notes on a project I'm working on in a project notebook. Then I want to present some of these notes to show status or ideas or whatever, so I selected those and presented them. But there is no longer possible to move to the next note. It seems strange to expect that the idea here is that one would typically only want to present a single note. Especially since "Start Presentation" is still an option along with "merge" etc. when selecting multiple notes. Also if one wanted to use one giant note for everything, then why not just use Word. (At least there would be less problems with formatting ;-) b: Buttons&Shortcuts So a TOC was created as a starting point for the presentation. But after clicking the first link there is not way to navigate back to TOC. This is because: 1) there is not buttons for it, and 2) the keyboard shortcut that works in regular-mode (ALT+arrow) does not work in presentation mode.
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