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  1. The new update seems to work. Just scanned 4 business cards in a row on the iPhone 6+. Thank you Chuck for getting this fixed!
  2. Chuck from Evernote- Is there a way that we can escalate this issue within the Evernote bug fix team? I was originally a LinkedIn CardMuch user. When they discontinued that very nice product they migrated me and many others to Evernote. I am pretty much only using Evernote for the card scanning feature because of the ability to connect cards to linkedin profiles. Until this is fixed I am not willing to invest my time using and learning other Evernote features. When my Cardmunch transition period ran out, I upgraded to the paid version of Evernote, just for this business card scanning feature. I feel as if I am throwing money away every month because it is really not usable. The solution of rebooting my phone is not just about the time it takes to power it down and power it back up. But then for many apps I have to re-enable fingerprint scanning etc. It has been almost a year since the iPhone 6 and 6+ launched. And new models are about to come out. It really is time to get this fixed. Please. Tell us how we can get this issue elevated as a priority!
  3. Is there an update on this problem? I upgraded to a paid account primarily for the business card scanning feature. I have an iPhone 6+. The app will take 2-4 pictures. Then it crashes after taking the photo each time. Closing and re-opening the app does not work. The only temporary fix is the several minute process of powering down the phone and powering it back up. I am using version 7.7.9 and have updates flowing automatically. I do not buy the argument that this happens when the phone is in a memory constrained space - and that something similar will happen with other apps. I checked the activity log and at the time of the crash it said I had 14.3GB free size in t he file system against a 55.4 gb file system size. Evernote is the only app that I have this problem with. Right now I am a very unhappy paid user. Is there any update on when this will be fixed??
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