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  1. Ive read his article but I it isn't very clear, and I don't think it suits me.I prefer @Candid's method. But his method doesn't allow for organising projects and archiving stuff, he said "don't worry about them, archive it at end of sem." And I want to keep the archived stuff IN evernote you can archive stuff in evernote. no reason you need to move it out. in fact, i'd recommend keeping it in there (as mentioned earlier -- "... it will free you to archive the contents of the notebook somewhere in your own account"). but, you only get 250 notebooks, so i'd tag it all, move it out of your notebooks, and dump it into an "archive" notebook. it'll stay organized with tags or a saved search.not sure what is unclear about the article. could you explain what you mean? it's an explanation of why tags are unnecessary for some use cases, a collection of different methods for people who want to tag, and links to other tagging systems. if none of these quite fit, perhaps if you tell us what is not fitting, we could help. I think ive found a way which suits me. I have a stack school, notebook for each subject. Then 2 tags - class notes and projects. old notes gets buried under (maybe I'll create an 'archive' tag also.' as good as archived. Then say I do a project: I just tag it projects and put it in the appropriate subject notebook, then I'll name it so its easily findable. Not very elegant but works greatly. Then in wunderlist I have few lists under school, including Homework and CCA. BINGO! Thanks for all the help. Much of this came from inspiration you all gave me!
  2. Ive read his article but I it isn't very clear, and I don't think it suits me. I prefer @Candid's method. But his method doesn't allow for organising projects and archiving stuff, he said "don't worry about them, archive it at end of sem." And I want to keep the archived stuff IN evernote
  3. My first suggestion is that you not try to have the same layout in Wunderlist and Evernote. Wunderlist is more focused on managing and getting things done while Evernote is an information storage system. So I would set up my reminders and due dates using Wunderlist and not worry about that functionality in Evernote. To try to get them both to look the same would mean spending at least twice as much time, not a good strategy. I think based on this desire, I would suggest a notebook for each subject and then an overall School stack. In each course notebook you'll create tags for various things including projects. You may also have a generic "homework" or "reading assignment" tag. The nice thing about Evernote is these generic tags will work in each notebook and depending on where you search (in one notebook or in the stack) you can turn up either homework for one class or all classes. Projects will get their own tag so "History Research Project Civil War Salt Production." Don't worry about archiving these projects if they will come to an end at the end of the semester. They'll get archived then. In the meantime they'll continue to live in the course notebook. If you have your notebooks sorted by updated or created date, these notes will fall to the bottom of the notebook out of sight. I would also consider what makes most sense for some items. For instance, you might like to type in each reading assignment for the year as a separate action item. This is not something I would store in Evernote, I'd just put it in Wunderlist with a due date. I'd store the overall syllabus and reading assignments in Evernote for reference later. For archiving subjects, use Christopher's idea about archiving subjects when you finish them. What I would do is tag all notes in a class notebook with a tag indicating the course title and semester so "History 345 Fall 2015" would be a tag. I wouldn't add this until I completed the class. Then I would highlight all the notes in that notebook, add the course tag, and drag them to an archive notebook. What you will want to do is be consistent in how you name things in both systems. So if you have a project or class in Wunderlist, it should have the same name in Evernote. You can also use notelinks in Evernote to link information on due dates and projects in Wunderlist. Just paste the link in the notes section at Wunderlist. Inside Evernote you may wish to create table of content notes that list all the notes of research you've collected for a project. This would be a good note to link to the due dates you've set up in Wunderlist. Hey, that's a great implementation. But there are many projects for different subjects and you said have a tag for each project, but there will be many tags, unorganised..
  4. THanks for quick reply. But your link lacked several things I need: a method of archiving entire projects, keeping their hirarchy, and I have multiple projects WITHIN a class. Many of them requiring research, etc.
  5. This is my first post, hope I've posted in the correct section. So I've recently gotten into Evernote and its power I am a student. I would like to use Evernote to organise both school and personal stuff. For school, I have subjects like biology, physics, math, etc. Then I do some personal projects like programming and playing with my Raspberry PI, stuff like that. I want to use Evernote to organise them. I did it with a notebook for school and personal then using tags to organise, but I want to have a consistent layout in my task management app, which is Wunderlist, I use it extensively already and most of my tasks are on there. However it only allows me to organise tasks into folders which contains lists and I am unable to replicate my setup in evernote. I would like to be able to find individual projects. (I have many History projects and would like to go to them easily..) I also need a method to archive projects or at least organise the notes by year Can someone give me a suggestion? Thanks
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