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  1. IMO, people are over thinking this. Want the latest/greatest release? Download/install it. If you don't, then don't. it's really very simple. (shrug) I honestly can't even conceive why this thread exists. I, on the other hand, CAN conceive why this thread exists. You might not agree with it, but I've stopped using evernote entirely because literally every time I open it I get a new update. You should rethink whether or not other points of view exist for a reason or not. Here's the other thing. I've been around the block a few times myself. I'm a software developer. I'm also an entrepreneur and have led multiple startups to victory. So believe me when I understand the concept of release early and often. But the fundamental issue is that this isn't a web app. Browsers aren't downloading a new version of the javascript and CSS silently in the background. What ends up happening is that every single user is barraged with a new release daily because the Evernote team is pushing new builds on nearly every single bug fix - and we're talking minor issues, here. Releases happen within 10 build updates of the previous sub-sub-sub-version (e.g out past the THIRD decimal) sometimes, with the same exact change list as the previous version. So no, we're actually not crazy. I do like having the "latest", but the inconvenience of updating what feels to be every 30 seconds severely (severely severely) outweighs the "fixed a bug that causes some prefs to get reset when upgrading from 5.8.9 Beta" fix for a lot of people. If notes work, 99% of your customers are happy. The argument of "just read the change list and dont download it if you don't want it" I think severly discards the user experience. I don't want to read a changelist every day. Imagine if every product we used did that. I want to know about major feature releases and security updates so that the stagefright vulnerability doesn't steal my identity. If you guys think that's nuts and we should just all be the early-adopter type, that's fine, but at some point it might behoove you to realize that most of your users don't care about the product as much as you do. You provide a valuable service, and that's all. Just some food for thought coming from a guy who understands at least a little bit about user interaction and loyalty to products. P.s. for the record, iTunes lost me as a user for this, FIrefox lost me as a user for this, and now Evernote lost me as a user for it too. Just because you haven't seen people get annoyed by it doesn't mean it doesn't happen, with this or any other product.
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