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  1. What's frustrating about all of these solutions is that they all require wonky extra steps to be taken to do this, when this should be a top-run scenario for using Evernote. If I use an "already-read" tag, to see the books I need to read, I must 1) click on my Books to Read Notebook and 2) type "-tag:already-read" into the search box -- making seeing my to-read books a hacky, two step process. If I use a "to-read" tag, I need to add the tag to every single book I add to the Books to Read Notebook, and then remember to always click on the to-read tag INSTEAD of the Books to Read Notebook when I want to see them. I guess I'll use the second option since it doesn't require to type an entire search query every time I want to do this, but ugh. I guess the big issue is that there's no way to filter a view for a Notebook so that you can set a notebook to always show "to-read" items unless you turn off the filter. And there's no way to save view settings per Notebook so that you can choose to see different Notebooks in different ways. -Hank
  2. I have an Evernote Notebook called Books to Read. Every time I learn about a book I want to read via a book review on the Internet, I save the review page into the notebook with the Evernote web clipper. When I read the book, I want to mark the book/note as "done," so I don't see it in the Notebook when I look for a new book to read. (I don't want to delete the note because I may want to see which books I've finished later.) This seems like one of the top user scenarios for Evernote, and yet I don't see any way to do this simple task. Am I missing something? How do other people do this? -Hank
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