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  1. For those that say "don't sign out" as if it's no big deal, I think they need to realize that there are many of us that share our laptops. I'm not a tech person, but shouldn't there be a way to have some kind of signin/signout during offline access? If we can password documents offline, it seems this should be possible. The other day I had to go out for internet access, downloaded research to evernote, hoping to work on it at home offline, but I signed out because my teen was using my laptop. The next morning, I couldn't get on to evernote and lost a chunk of productive writing time. I agree with the original poster, and hear what he's saying. If you have to be online to sign in, it's really not a wholly offline program. But I see the instructions have been changed. Wish a change would be made to offer privacy while offline, particularly with the "so concerned about security" claim. City folks might have Internet 24/7, but a lot of us don't.
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