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  1. JMichael, I noticed that view and it does omit the synopsis - the Snippet view in my opinion is most closely similar to the view you get online, so it seemed a bit odd that Evernote didn't include the same view type there that they did in the Web Browser. I was just wondering, I suppose more specifically, if the snippet view could be made to look more like the Web Browser view by having no synopsis (I tried simply deleting the first 180 characters, but it just grabs the next 180 and uses that which is frustrating - clearly if it tracks the note to that detail and not just a flat "grab the first 180" then there should be a way to disable that feature all together).
  2. Hi All, Hoping I can get a quick answer to this question (or rather, I hope I am just overlooking something obvious). In the Web Browser view of Evernote I can choose to Show Images or Text in the left pane (which includes the note Title and the note Brief Synopsis). This is great because when I am looking at the notes I just want to see the title and click into it for details. What I am trying to do now is find the same view option in the Windows desktop version. All I am seeing is the list, snippet, and card options. I see no way to hide the Brief Synopsis like I can on the web browser. The obvious choice would be to just use the web browser, but I would rather have the desktop application open. Please let me know if there is a way to configure this and/or some type of workaround that would give me a similar result. Thanks!
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