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  1. Wow, so I intuitively felt like the first user above in how this new release of Evernote worked, I just thought it was me. But over and over I felt like 2 things were new and worse than before: 1. It seemed to take more steps than before to do what I used to do. (Not to mention that the process changed as well so there was that learning curve). But there was also a second thing which was 2. It seems to me that I often have to tap something at least 3 times to get it activate. My hardware is the new iPad Pro (less than a year old and up-to-date) and iPhone 12 pro (also up to date). I actually got so frustrated that it was the second item that caused me to google and see if this was happening to anyone else. So I haven’t found anyone else with that issue yet as I stumbled upon this one here. (I’m new to forums) Thank you Evernote team for wanting to improve your awesome product. I rely on it every day. I pray that you will find the way forward in a sea of frustrated users. I’m guessing that most users are delighted with your updates but I’m just not one of them at this time. May your find peace, hope, joy and goodwill this season even on your forums:-). Darien
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