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  1. Interesting. I have not yet updated iPad to IOS 11 due to a favourite game that is no longer supported and will stop working ... but have resolved (even before this information) to upgrade this evening. I will then check out the "on my iPad" section in Files. Thanks!
  2. I sync photos differently on iPad and iPhone ... although now that I think about it I could create an album of the videos I want to transfer. I just don't find the labelling/search options in Photos on mobile device ideal for the type of categorisation that I want to do. But I will think about this. Good points - my videos are my own but I can see why a provider might not want to get into that whole question. Totally agree with you there ... if it works for you that's definitely good enough. I have some apps that work well for me, but the world keeps changing! Maybe I'll stick with my modest use of Evernote ... Thanks
  3. Thanks for the information. I'm an ex-PC gal now living in a Mac universe and the two mobile devices that I want to store stuff on are iPhone and iPad - and I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know how to store anything other than audio files and photos locally on the devices apart from within apps ... and I don't really know which apps. I gave up on notes ages ago because they seemed to sync through my email stream or something, I forget now, but I found them painful to use. This was before iCloud, mind you, and I just took a look and seems maybe now I could use this ... hmmm ... I will have to take a look. Thanks
  4. Thanks for replying to my post, I really appreciate it. I probably should have explained, I want to transfer these files into local storage on my mobile devices so that can watch the videos without WIFI and without using up my mobile data allowance. So I'm trying out transfer to a local notebook via Evernote. Yes, I realise that. My question was, why does the size of individual notes matter to Evernote? This is true. I have now done this. Ouch. That's a bit harsh, but I think I get the point - people always threatening to abandon some supplier but not following through. The thing is, though, I'm genuinely confused about why people use Evernote now that there are other cloud services. I've been a lightweight user of Evernote for years and now I have a premium subscription but I'm not really getting much out of it - unless this local notebooks thing works well for me, although it's a bit clunky because it means I have to duplicate files in Evernote that are stored in higher resolution elsewhere and it creates more work when files are duplicated, which is how I've always used Evernote. I suppose the people who love Evernote don't duplicate files and just keep them all in Evernote? But does that mean that you have to use Evernote editors rather than e.g. Word and Excel? I know I'm drifting into a lot of different questions here but I am genuinely evaluating whether or not to continue my subscription because I just don't think I use it enough. I have always found the user interface a bit difficult. I really want to love it, but it just seems there is so much to learn if I'm going to get the value.
  5. I find the 200MB limit too low - I am a premium user and I use far less than 10 GB limit per month, but I want to store about 3 notes per week that are between 80MB and 400MB. These are short video clips (1min - 5mins long) showing demonstrations of dance steps. I just want to store a few, relatively large, files. Why can't I do this if I stay within the overall storage limit? What difference does it make to Evernote if I have a few large files instead of many small ones. This is a deal breaker for me. If I can't store these short video clips then there is no point in continuing my subscription.
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