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  1. Got the same issue (see below)


    Is there a way to force a login?





    I am never allowed an opportunity to Sign In to Web Clipper 6.1. After installing it, the icon shows a small red circle in the lower left. I assume this means it is not logged in. When I click on the icon, the red circle goes away, and I have a drop down menu. Unfortunately, my notebooks don't show up. This was suspicious. When I click on gear cog "Options", it indicated "Signed Out."


    Using Firefox 39.0, Windows 8.1 Pro.


    P.S. I have no other extensions enabled. I have removed and reinstalled Web Clipper 6.1 several times.
     I am using 6.1 because I had the issue of 6.015 not showing up on the tool bar and grayed out in the selection of extensions.





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