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  1. PWA would be great for those who use Evernote on Linux.
  2. I started to use the new web-client actively today and I am sad to report that it loses changes in notes. There is no way to provide you the concrete steps except: Open existing note Edit it Click another note Click back on note you just edited => Changes are lost, the edited note is in its original pre-edit state If it happens to a note I can repeat it over and over again until I refresh the page completely. Hope you can fix it soon, Thanks.
  3. Hello, The new web application is amazing and it would be great if you could allow users to use it with browser Opera. In terms of JS/CSS/etc. support it is nearly identical to Google Chrome sicne they use same engine Web-Kit. Please, consider unblocking access for Opera users. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am a long-time Evernote user and I really appreciate all the changes you've done to the web UI and it is more user friendly and modern now. It is especially important for me because part of the time I use Evernote on an OS that does not have native Evernote application (Linux). Given that I am really motivated to help you improve user experience.The application needs keyboard support, there are two example use cases: Save: I want to save a note I just created, as a power-user I am saving stuff with keyboard shortcut - Ctrl+S/Cmd+S, in current implementation browser's "Save" dialog windows appears on screen and that is not something user would expect. Expected behavior - the note should be saved, no popups. Example can be found here - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/93695/best-... Move from Title to Note's text: I am creating a note and I want to add a Title and Content. As note is created my cursor is focused on Content field (note's body). And the only way to switch to Title field is to click it with mouse. Expected behavior - Shift-Tab should switch focus to Title field and Tab key from Title should switch to Content. This is how it is partially works in desktop Evernote for Windows - it is possible to switch from Title to Content by pressing Tab key but not vice-versa (no Shift-Tab support).
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