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  1. Would like to second your frustration. I used Evernote sporadically for years but the demands of a spring project made me a paying customer. I'm starting to regret that. I work from home and live in a semi-rural area where internet service options are limited. The best I can get is a satellite-based service so there can be a delays, particularly during peak times. That's why I've always done my syncing manually, usually during off-peak times so I don't incur extra charges. But, with every note syncing individually, any benefit of Evernote is being consumed in time delays as I have to wait ever
  2. I am NOT having trouble with Safari...that was just my test. I am STILL having trouble with Firefox. See notes on previous thread.
  3. Just FYI, I had checked the version in Firefox Add On Manager and it said Evernote Webclipper 6.1 Still, I uninstalled and reinstalled. You (gazumped) are correct that I no longer see the delimited titles. However, my clips STILL do not go to my notebooks which is really the biggest issue. (To reduce the possibility of user error--that would be me--I did try installing in Safari and it works fine--I just don't usually use Safari because it is not the preferred browser for a number of systems at work!) So, anymore suggestions or should I abandon this idea?
  4. I think your reply was intended for WmGlennOsborne but still doesn't solve my issue as that is the version I installed yesterday. I DO get the icon. When I clip, everything appears to be working but the note never makes it to my notebook. And my options screen looks the same as the screenshot in mellobop's post above.
  5. I am having the same problem as mellobop. I uninstalled the clipper, reinstalled the beta version. Same problelm. Next idea?
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