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  1. Thanks guys, I finally opened a support ticket and figured it out. Despite the fact the the Play store claimed my version was up to date, it wasn't. Uninstall and reinstall fixed it (which I should have tried to begin with - rookie mistake!!). Thanks for the offers of help.
  2. My settings list is: Account Info [account name] Upgrade to Premium Invite Friends Premium Settings Setup PIN Lock Manage Offline Notebooks Camera Settings Moleskine Notebook Post-it Notes General Settings Sync Search and Storage Note Creation Reminder Support Legal I've checked inside all of these sub-options, Work Chat isn't even mentioned once. (After this post I'm only allowed to make one more until tomorrow night, since this is a new forum account.)
  3. There's nothing anywhere in the Settings about Work Chat. I even checked sub-pages in the Settings.
  4. Ah sorry, I should have included that. Sony Xperia Z3 Android version 5.0.2 And I did check, my Evernote app is up to date.
  5. As the subject line says, I can't find where to create/access a Work Chat from within the Android app. All the guides say "Tap ‘Work Chat’ from the side menu", but my app doesn't even have a side menu. There are no customary 3 bars on the left beside the "Evernote" title. I've checked every sub-menu, screen, icon.... there's no Work Chat, nor any speech bubble icons. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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