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  1. Sounds like you are in business environment. If so, then I might suggest that you look for a tool more effective and capable than Evernote for task management. Evernote is a great PIM, but has limited features to support real task management. It's OK for ToDos for limited personal use, but quickly falls short for task management, particularly when you want to track status, delegate tasks, share tasks, associate with projects, and get notifications when updated or past due. Evernote, by itself, does not have a method to pull a list of all checkboxes NOT checked in a note. The best you can do is get a list of Notes where one or more checkboxes are unchecked. However, there are Evernote "Add-ons" that integrate well with Evernote to provide better task manager. Here are a few examples in or particular order. Many more available. Disclaimer: I have NOT used any of these, nor have any association with them. Azendoo: team to-do IQTELL is a comprehensive task management solution many more But if you want best of breed, industrial strength, task/project management, you are well advised to see apps dedicated to project/task management. A great example that is low cost is Apptivo. Good luck, and let us know how it goes. "The best you can do is get a list of Notes where one or more checkboxes are unchecked." - How do I do this????? I would be grateful to be told how.....
  2. I am searching the forums trying to find an easy way (or any way) to collect all my To Do checkboxed tasks in one place. I am in so many meetings and at the end of the day I need them all in one place! Help?
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