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  1. I didn't renewed my payment account this year, and just removed all my notes left a minute ago and uninstalled evernote from all my devices. Just in case someone is interested, I moved all my stuff to Asana. They do not have a Linux native client either and have their own issues too, but at least their web based client is way better than the only option Evernote provided for Linux users, which is practically unusable, and provides a consistent experience among all devices. Also the organization of things in "tasks" instead of "notes" from the beginning, and its flawlessly integration w
  2. The "fanboyism" is strong with these ones... Just two cents more from my pocket to say that I'll be finally canceling my Evernote plus account due the lack of a native Linux client and the pitiful usability of the web client. I got along well with Evernote while I was using OSX most of the time, but since I moved to Linux it's been a pain in the arse. If someone is interested, I'll be using "remember the milk" for my GTD things instead. Yet they haven't a native Linux client neither, only provide a packed version of their website, but its web interface is way better than Evernot
  3. My two cents: I don't use Windows. I use OSX and Linux. Now I am using Linux more than OSX. I have been using Evernote for maybe one year and a half or so, I don't remember exactly, and I have become a plus member just a few days ago. Having worked mostly with the OSX native version of Evernote, I really miss a native version for Linux. I have to rely either on the web based app, or on the Windows native version run on Wine. Either way is not comparable to having a Linux client. Being a software developer myself I am aware of the difficulties of maintaining several forks of the same softw
  4. Both are quite inconvenient after a few levels of indentation, and make difficult to perform further changes in the tree.I came into Evernote thru GTD and "The secret weapon manifesto", and so far, so good. But as the number of notes (tasks actually) are growing, this limitation is turning into a real inconvenience for me. So I just wanted to add my "me too" to this thread.
  5. Any advance or even plans from implementing this somehow in the near future?
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