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  1. @ All you might notice at the top of this topic that @Shane D.has marked it as being solved (back in October or November or so, IIRC) so I'm not sure that we'll see a new response from EN here. @Shane D. How about it? The resolution for me was a lovely email from Tech Support essentially saying "Yeah, we're really sorry you lost all of your work but we think we've got the problem licked this time." Apparently not? Again, it's a shame that so much has seemingly gone wrong during a time when it appears that many other things are "moving forward" with EN.
  2. Yeah, I hate to say it but I just don't trust Evernote anymore. I've gone to start a number of notes in the way that I might have normally done in the past only to stop myself and turn to another solution that I trust more. The other solutions (including macOS Notes) aren't as feature rich (Notes is downright bare-bones and simplistic) but I trust them to sync reliably across all of my devices and not lose my work. I haven't cancelled the subscription yet (I renew in May, I think) but I likely won't renew this year. A real shame. ~sb
  3. @Shane D. Nothing new on this? As you have directed others to do, I have obtain a Support Ticket but have heard nothing back from them nor has there been any other official reply in this thread. I know the thread is marked as "Answered" but I'm really not sure that it is... Haven't used EN since last weekend because I'm nervous about doing so.
  4. Two notes, created minutes apart (iOS version 10.0.4 (1104831) on my iPad Pro under iOS 13.7. Each given new title. Started writing in one, wrote for about 2 hours, maybe 3. Created outlines. Bulleted lists of plain text...nothing fancy. Switched over to the other, wrote for about 15 minutes (generated about 250 words or so...plain text...nothing fancy. Switched over to the first note. EMPTY. Title was still there but NO contents in the note. Modified time that was shown was two hours prior. Switched over to the second note. ALSO NOW EMPTY. Modified time that was shown was the time at which the note was created. Now several hours before. Checked other install on iPhone (also latest and greatest version) - nothing there. Checked the web access to my notebooks - nothing there. EXTREMELY disappointed. Not a hugely frequent user of Evernote but I am a premium user because I don't mind paying for something that has always been rock solid for me and where I can turn to quickly jot down new ideas that I want to be synched everywhere. Sign-in on my iOS devices is always saved. Sign-in to web access with through email login. ~Barden
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