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  1. I live on a street with about 10 houses. I'm wondering if Evernote would be a good tool to use to create and maintain a directory of our residents phone numbers, email addresses, etc? I'm thinking I might create a page with all the information and then give everyone edit permissions so they can update as needed. Does this seem like a reasonable use of Evernote, or would folks recommend a different tool? If it is a good use of Evernote, I'm wondering if templates exist. Thanks!
  2. I'm Using Evernote on a MacBookPro (Yosemite), which happens to have Fusion with and installed Windows virtual machine. Even when Fusion is not running (i.e., no windows virtual machines are running) Evernote seems to want to run links in a Windows operating system. Meaning if I create a link in a note that links to a valid email address, when I click the link rather than launching the native MacOS email program Evernote instead boots one of my Windows OS's. I don't see anything in settings to turn this behavior off. Help!
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