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  1. gazumped- yes, I have uninstalled/reinstalled/restarted, no luck. JMichael (love the Fedora!) thanks for the info, I will definitely Tweet this. The irony is: when I first started using EN back before having a smart phone, I had some problem with the software. I got in touch with their support and they were very responsive, even emailing me now and then to check if it was OK (which it eventually was). So a year or so ago, when I saw the EN Plus option, I didn't really need anything beyond the free version, but I paid the $24+/year just to support them. Now I find that when I need them have cut off the direct support. I installed iOS 8.4 recently and figured, this probably won't have any effect on the problem with EN. It didn't- hard reboot, same problem. But then it gets weird- the next day, it started working fine, and has for the last couple of days. Go figure. Thanks for the replies.
  2. I have an Evernote Plus subscription. It's installed on my iPhone 5 iOS 8.4, my PC desktop, and my PC laptop. As much as I like using Evernote, it gives me a big problem: about once/month I tap the icon, the Evernote splash screen shows up- then it disappears, back to the iPhone home screen. Double tap the iPhone button, there it is, open- but, again, when I tap the "open" application, it appears for a second, then gone again, totally useless. The only way I have found to get it working again is to uninstall/install it, which just doesn't work when I'm counting on it for instant info in a meeting or in a store. I'm beginning to regret the money I paid for Plus- apparently it doesn't buy me direct support from Evernote staff either, I have to rely on the kindness of community members. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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