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  1. Ditto what everyone else posted. Please add print options that includes margins as well as ability to leave off some of the header info.
  2. Wow! I love EN, but have had issues with this problem for years. I never really even checked to see what the issue was until now. I kept thinking I needed to report this bug and make a suggestion for a fix, but it looks like you all have beat me to it. I use bullets for customer to-do lists and it's always been buggy in EN. Issues: When I try to change bullets or delete them, it often changes the line spacing (i.e. the bullets - or new lines - are further apart vertically.Sub-bullets that show properly on the screen in the note don't always print correctly and there's no consistent pattern (i.e. some sub-bullets print out correctly while some that show correctly on-screen print out as root bullets).Always having to spent time editing bullets that change format when I didn't do anything that should have changed the format.Very frustrating. I like EN because it syncs across my desktop, laptop, and phone, but some of my most important notes are organized by bullets. I could use Word and leave the file on DropBox, but that involves a lot more steps and is a slower process than using EN. So now that I know this thread is here, I'll be checking it regularly. I sure do hope this gets fixed soon.
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